Book Recommendations // Malanie’s Twelve Favorite Books Ft. Friendships

Book Recommendations - Favorite Books Friendships by Malanie Loves Fiction - Sprinkles of Dreams

Hello, all of you wonderful human beings! ☺️❄️ Today, I'm here with the first guest post in the Sprinkles of Dreams Blogger Feature, in which I use my blog as a platform to boost fellow bloggers. Today's post is written by one of my absolute favorite people in the book blogging community, my dearest friend Malanie.… Continue reading Book Recommendations // Malanie’s Twelve Favorite Books Ft. Friendships


Book Recommendations // Five Books Your TBR Needs Ft. #Novel19s

Five Books Your TBR Needs #Novel19s - Sprinkles of Dreams

Hi, everyone! 🌟❄️ I hope you’re all having a wonderful Sunday! 😊 As you know, above all, regardless of genre or book size, ownvoices books, diverse books with POC (especially Asian), LGBTQIAP+, and mentail illness representation, and books written by POC authors in general, are very, very important to me, and I will always do my… Continue reading Book Recommendations // Five Books Your TBR Needs Ft. #Novel19s

Book Recommendations // Books I Loved & Am Afraid to Re-read

Happy Monday, everyone! 🌸 & welcome back to a new book recommendation post of mine. 🤗 I've missed writing these posts, in which I get to do nothing else other than gush about books I adore, so much, and I'm especially excited to write this one, because I get to re-experience books I loved way back,… Continue reading Book Recommendations // Books I Loved & Am Afraid to Re-read

Book Recommendations // Non-Fiction Literature

Non-Fiction Book Recommendations // Sprinkles of Dreams

Hi, guys! 🌸 Welcome back to another post in which I scream about amazing books! Before I get to the recommendations; some of you have noticed my absence here since last week, and I just wanted to let you know that I'm in fact on a little hiatus for personal reasons, but I miss you… Continue reading Book Recommendations // Non-Fiction Literature

I Spy Book Challenge // Ft. Books I Highly Recommend … With One Exception

I Spy Book Challenge // Sprinkles of Dreams

🌷 Happy Monday! 🌷 I was tagged for the I Spy Book Challenge (originally created by Kristin @ Kristin Kraves Books 💕) by the lovely Mel @ Mel to the Any—if you don't know her already (how??), she's one of the sweetest bloggers you'll ever meet, so head over to her blog and let her posts &… Continue reading I Spy Book Challenge // Ft. Books I Highly Recommend … With One Exception

Book Recommendations // Pride Month 🌈

Pride Month - Book Recommendations

🎊 Happy Pride Month! 🎊 Ever since I wrote my first book recommendations post on Mental Health Awareness, and shortly thereafter for Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, they have become one of my favorite kind of posts to write—and seeing you guys add books I recommend in them to your TBRs is just one of the best feelings. I’m… Continue reading Book Recommendations // Pride Month 🌈

Book Recommendations // Asian Pacific American Heritage Month

I can't believe May has passed us by so quickly, and yet, here we are! Today is the second to last day of May (June is at our doorstep already??), which is the perfect time to wrap up Asian Pacific American Heritage Month. Following my book recommendations from last Wednesday, in which I focused on mental health… Continue reading Book Recommendations // Asian Pacific American Heritage Month

Book Recommendations // Mental Health Awareness Month

Mental Health Awareness Month - Book Recommendations

As many of you might know, May is Mental Health Awareness Month. As some of you might not know, raising awareness of mental health issues is a cause that is very close to my heart, and I'm immensely thankful to see that more and more books that deal with this subject, especially written by ownvoices… Continue reading Book Recommendations // Mental Health Awareness Month