Rating System

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To help understand my way of critiquing and rating books better, you will find my rating system here, which I have been using for all my reviews dating back to 2012.

My book ratings are first and foremost based on my enjoyment, which is directly influenced by the writing style, the plot, the pacing/story arc, the themes, the characters, and many more factors. In some cases, certain aspects of a book, like diversity, can steer me towards higher or lower ratings as well.

All my opinions are exclusively my own, and in no way influenced by whether or not I received a book from a publisher or an author in exchange for a review.

1 star

I didn’t enjoy the book at all, and found no redeeming qualities in it.

2 stars

This book was “okay”.

I wouldn’t recommend it, but I don’t have strong negative feelings towards it. All in all, it probably left me feeling very indifferent.

3 stars

I liked this book.

It was overall an enjoyable read, but didn’t go beyond that. There was something missing for me to become fully invested in it, and for it stand out amidst other books.

4 stars

I liked this book very, very much.

I had a wonderful time reading it, and I highly recommend it. Some small aspects probably held me back from giving it a full five stars, but it was a very worthwhile read.

5 stars

I absolutely loved this book.

I was amazed and completely entranced by it, and it left a deep, lasting impression on me. I will probably re-read and think about it for years to come, recommend it to everyone I know, and gush about it excessively.

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I also use half-star ratings. In certain cases, in which books fall directly in-between two ratings, I will give it an additional half-star, or detract a half-star.

If you want to request a review for your book, or have any questions regarding my book reviews, or a specific rating of a book, feel free to contact me using my contact form, or send me an email [sprinklesofdreamsx@gmail.com]!