Hi & Welcome!


I’m Lily, and Sprinkles of Dreams is first and foremost a literary blog, on which I will write about everything book-related, as well as post my book reviews, and gush about everything else that puts stars in my eyes, and makes my heart go “💓”.

Aside from books, I’m very passionate about music, spend an unhealthy amount of time watching TV shows and/or movies in my free time, and have a special place in my heart for aesthetics, and—on a completely unrelated note—chocolate.

I love reading books that are diverse, and I have a deep appreciation for OwnVoices authors, and authors that are inclusive of different ethnicities, neurodiversities, and the LGBTQ+ community.

Most of the books I currently read are in the Young Adult genre, but I also enjoy reading classics, memoirs, and non-fiction.


I hope you enjoy your stay!

xx, Lily

Testimonials (= incentive to follow my blog!!):

“I’M HER #1 FAN” – May

critical reading icon – the nicest critical thinker you will ever meet + prime example of how a person can be savage and get her point across without even swearing”
“emotionally therapeutic like ice cream, but physically less bad for you”
“aesthetic af”
“makes my geeky anxious science girl heart combust”
“I have 236 reasons on why she’s valid” – TAL

tl;dr: “Even her name tells you you’ll love her (L-ily)!!”


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