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The Fever King (Feverwake #1) by Victoria Lee // ARC Review

The Fever King (Feverwake #1) by Victoria LeeIn the former United States, sixteen-year-old Noam Álvaro wakes up in a hospital bed, the sole survivor of the viral magic that killed his family and made him a technopath. His ability to control technology attracts the attention of the minister of defense and thrusts him into the magical elite of the nation of Carolinia.

The son of undocumented immigrants, Noam has spent his life fighting for the rights of refugees fleeing magical outbreaks—refugees Carolinia routinely deports with vicious efficiency. Sensing a way to make change, Noam accepts the minister’s offer to teach him the science behind his magic, secretly planning to use it against the government. But then he meets the minister’s son—cruel, dangerous, and achingly beautiful—and the way forward becomes less clear.

Caught between his purpose and his heart, Noam must decide who he can trust and how far he’s willing to go in pursuit of the greater good.


The Fever King (Feverwake #1) by Victoria Lee
Publisher: Skyscape
Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy
Publication Date: March 1, 2019

There’s something about books that make you avoid any and all real life responsibilities, stay up until 2 a.m., bleary-eyed and exhausted, and leave you with your soul crushed beyond recognition—and have you loving every single second of it. Something that leaves a distinctly enunciated yes in its wake that reverberates warmly in your heart with its perfect, almost poetic diction, and its all-consuming intensity.

And that special something has ensconced itself deeply in The Fever King.

The Fever King is about family—the one tied together by blood, and the one you choose for yourself—about being torn between two worlds, and fighting for what is right. It’s about loss, living life in the wake of trauma, and about finding oneself; about making choices that shape oneself, and shaping oneself with the choices one makes.

Now that both [Noam’s] parents were gone, the world was much larger than it had been before—gaping around him, sharp toothed and hungry.


It is filled with beautiful metaphors, accentuating a writing style that stands out with its uniqueness; a touch of poetry mingled with velvet-soft prose.

The ground underfoot sprouted with flowers: magical little buds of gold and silver that moved without breeze, glittering petals spiraling up into the air. (…) When Noam inhaled, their magic was spun sugar on his tongue.

The narrative, too, is completely entrancing, with many clues foreshadowing what’s to come brilliantly threaded into it, creating an slightly unsettling atmosphere that keeps you intrigued and suspicious, and always on edge, waiting for the next shoe—sharp, and elegant—to drop in a brilliant arch that cuts air.


What is perhaps the biggest reason behind, and inspiration for my adoration for this book, however, are the characters; not only the main character Noam—who made something profound in my heart stir, when he curled up in a corner to read a book in silence, and it felt like home to him, who continued to fight for immigrants’ rights, and refused to give up even in the face of adversity—but also (if not especially) Dara.

Dara, who claimed he hated everything, but secretly dreamed of counting the stars.

There comes a point in your life, when you realize that fictional characters can make you feel so much love for them that you actually feel like you live through their hardships with them, and that’s what Dara does. He’s a character with layers upon layers, and the more you unveil, the more you love him.


Among many romances, The Fever King’s stands out with a slow burn that tugs at your heart, and makes you simultaneously delight and suffer in equal measure. It shows you that having your heart ripped to shreds by unsaid words, dark secrets, misunderstandings, and horrifying reveals, and mended together by the most beautifully written and  heart-wrenching scenes, and witty, humorous banter, can be the best gift you’ve ever had the fortune to receive.

The void from earlier was back, yawning wide in Noam’s chest. Dara felt it too, he thought. Dara might not have lost his family, but he had that same hole inside him. They matched.


In a world filled with magic, Victoria Lee brings to life not only an immensely captivating, and unforgettable story, as well as characters that capture your heart; she paints a vivid imagery of very relevant and important issues in our society, and cleverly illuminates them with a searing portrayal.

That was the whole point. Governments didn’t have to listen to the people until the people made it hurt not to listen.


The Fever King is a book that crushed my soul, and had me loving every single second of it, soaked in angst, and drenched in anticipation. Victoria Lee believes in her story, lives her story, and pours so much love, and so much of herself, into her characters—and it shows.

It’s a book that destined to imprint itself into your being so wholly that you’ll be left wondering who you were before you came to love it, after you finish it—and all I can say is: you don’t want to miss out on it.

Thank you so much to Megan Beatie for sending me an advance copy of this book! It in no way influenced my opinion, or rating. The quotes above were taken from the ARC, and are subject to change upon publication.


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    1. Ahhh Dezzy, thank you so much!! This book will crush your heart, you’re not prepared. 😭😭

      And YES, I adore Noam and Dara so much, they need to be protected at all costs!! ❣️

      (I’m going to re-read it when it’s officially released, so definitely let me know if you want to scream about it together! 💓)

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    1. Thank you so much, Xandra! 💜

      And you’re so welcome—you’re in for the soul-crushing of your LIFE, I can safely say. (Oh, and don’t forget to take advantage of the pre-order goodies + library request option [if you’re a poor student, like I am]! The swag is amazing 😩💘)

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