Book Recommendations // Wholesome Friendships & Sympathetic Villains #Project14Lists Sprinkles of Dreams

Book Recommendations // Wholesome Friendships, Sympathetic Villains & Morally Grey Characters

Merry Christmas Eve, everyone!


There are a few universal facts in life that are simply irrefutable, like how my resolution to go to bed early will forever be thwarted by the circumstance of life that time zones are a Thing that result in my bed time being the time everyone else in the book community is wide awake, living life, tweeting about it, and exchanging exciting news.

Or how my good hair day inevitable falls on the day before I’m supposed to go to that birthday party, that uni event, or that date with that cute boy who’s been asking me out for an eternity, but I’ve always postponed, because I’m way too busy with my studies, books, blogging, and boosting my favorite authors.

I’m kidding, there are no cute boys, only ones that I’m not interested in—but I digress. No one wants to hear anecdotes of my dating life … I don’t think.


But the universal fact that I want to address today is that there are certain things in books that always, always, without fail make my heart light up with happiness, and my eyes turn into glittering stars embodying my head-over-heels-adoration for them.

I tackled the most gorgeously written books I’ve ever read in my last #Project14Lists post, and in this post, I’m going to talk about wholesome friendships, almost-lovable villains you’ll find yourself, against every single fiber of your being, having sympathetic feelings towards, and morally grey characters that coax the deepest love you could possibly feel out of you.

Wholesome Friendships

I love friendships. In real life (of course), and in books. I love well-written romances, too, but reading about wholesome friendships makes me happy in an entirely different, and immeasurably precious way. There’s just something so special about a platonic bond between people that fills all the most secluded corners of my being with light and contentment.

So here I stand, metaphorically, presenting to you friendships that melt my heart, and make me swoon.

The Six of Crows

from Six of Crows & Crooked Kingdom by Leigh Bardugo

Six of Crows characters by kevin wada illustration
Six of Crows characters by kevin wada illustration

I have the softest spot for friendships and bands of misfits that are formed and forged under the unlikeliest of circumstances, and are so tightly knit that each member of it would be willing and ready to sacrifice their own happiness for that of their enemy-turned-friend-turned-chosen-family-member. And that’s what you get with this series.

I absolutely adore every single character in this crew of outlaws, and I wish I could re-read this series a million times, just to experience their love for each other again and again.

Frances & Aled
from Radio Silence by Alice Oseman

Frances & Aled by Alice Oseman
Frances & Aled by Alice Oseman

It’s not so much an open secret as public knowledge by now that I would fly to the ends of earth to procure a copy of Alice Oseman’s book(s), despite being the very living embodiment of a poor, broke uni student. Her writing so whole-heartedly and all-consumingly resonates with every corner of my heart, that it would be an injustice in my eyes not to scream about her to everyone I knowwhich I frequently do, and shall never tire of doing.

And amidst all the friendships in books I’ve encountered, the friendship between Frances and Aled in Radio Silence is especially swoon-worthy.

Books I Love
with wonderful, wholesome friendships


Sympathetic Villains & 
Morally Grey Characters

Adelina Amouteru
from The Young Elites series by Marie Lu

Adelina Amouteru - Sprinkles of Dreams

Is anyone even surprised to find this character and this book in this post? I think I’ve professed my undying love for Marie Lu’s The Young Elites series a few too many times for this inclusion to be anything other than a complete given.

Basically, Adelina is one of my favorite characters of all time, and it genuinely still astounds me exactly how well-crafted she is, no matter how many times I re-read this book. She makes my heart ache, every. single. time.

Laurent of Vere
from the Captive Prince series by C.S. Pacat

Laurent of Vere - shihoran @ tumblr
Laurent of Vere by shihoran @ tumblr

Where do I even begin? Laurent is a soft marshmallow under his cold, icy, and cruel exterior that he shows the world, and it took me an entire book and a half to believe it—but when it happened, I couldn’t help but love him all the more deeply. And then the truth about his past was revealed, and all I wanted was for Damen to give him the softest, warmest hug, and never let go.

Can I just say … he single-handedly revived my love of the incorrect quotes hashtag on all our no-longer-deeply-beloved Tumblr.

Books I Love
with intricately crafted characters & villains


Sprinkles of Dreams - Let's Chat

Have you read any of these books?
Who are your favorite villains, or morally grey characters in books?
Any swoon-worthy friendships I should be screaming about? 💗

xx, lily - Sprinkles of Dreams
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94 thoughts on “Book Recommendations // Wholesome Friendships, Sympathetic Villains & Morally Grey Characters”

    1. Anna!! I missed you so much here sdjkfdsdfks I’m so happy you’re back to blogging 💕💕 & yess, only you get my love for Melina Marchetta (I’m still impatiently waiting for her next book). :’)

      Merry Christmas, I hope you’re having the best time!! 🎄💖

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      1. ngl i missed being here too!! :>>> and god i’ve been waiting for a jimmy book for over four years now, icb we’re finnaly getting one! 😮

        merry christmas to u too, sunshine!!!!

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  1. I have only read The Book Thief from your list and I just realized I need to reread that book! I also want to read Six of Crows but I have yet to find a copy on my nearby bookstore.

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  2. The friendships in Six of Crows were so good! Though a lot of them weren’t platonic. I think some of my favourite friendships are the hobbits in LOTRs. Tolkien may have been very long-winded in his writing, but the friendships felt very real and strong. Also, the sisters in The Way Past Winter. Their relationships were brilliantly written, if they count.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Yes!! And true + I do love the romantic relationships in their little crew as well, but I just have so much love for their overall love for each other, and how they grow to be a family. ☺️❤️

      Ohh I’ve been putting off reading LOTR for so, so long, other books just keep getting in the way … and ahh I really need to read The Way Past Winter!! I adore wholesome sibling relationships too, so thank you for the rec! :’)

      Happy holidays!! ❄️🌟💫

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