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The Five-Star Readathon // Ft. (Part of) My October TBR & Muse of Nightmares

Happy first of October, everyone! 🍁🍂

I’m currently sitting cross-legged on my bed, bundled up in one of my favorite, coziest sweaters, amidst a sea of books (sadly, not the reading-for-pleasure-ones, but the ones with titles that include words you’ll find in medical journals).

Despite the fact that I should be studying right now, and going over my schedule, as well as preparing for various of my classes, and extracurriculars for this month, I wanted to drop in really quickly to announce my taking part in my second ever readathon!


As you can tell by the title, it’s the Five-Star-Readathon you may have already heard about, hosted by some of my favorite bloggers; May, Ju, and Elise (the original creator!).

It runs from today, Monday the 1st, 12 am, to Sunday, October 7th, 11.59 pm, and is all about reading books you think you’ll love. The readathon also includes an additional challenge that you’re free to take on, but is 100% optional.



1. Read a next book in a series you like

I’m still waiting to fully fall in love with V.E. Schwab, but I really enjoyed the first book in the The Villains series, and I like her writing a lot, so I can’t wait to start this book. [I’m also buddy reading it with Kaleena! 💚]

2. Read a book by a favorite author

I fell in love with Alice Oseman only this year, but it honestly feels like I’ve been in love with her forever. I’m so excited to read this book, and even more excited to be buddy reading it with one of my absolute favorite people ever, Tal!!

3. Read a book you were anticipating and never got around to reading

I first heard of this book from Marie, and I’ve been wanting to read it ever since I read her review, which was … a while ago. (🙈) So far, I can safely say that I’m enjoying it (I started reading it today!); I love so many of the characters already, and I adore the great friendships. [Bonus points, because I’m buddy reading it with my fave, May.]

4. Read a book over 500 pages

I’ve been screaming about this book for way too long, and way, way too many times, but I’m actually still in disbelief that the time to read it has finally come. (AHHH.)

5. Read five books

For my fifth book, I picked Anger is a Gift, because I’ve been seeing it around a lot for a while now, but also because 1) May told me to read it, and 2) it will (probably) make me shed tears over fictitious events and circumstances for a change. 🙃

blue-watercolor-wash-texture-5letschat!-2What are you planning on reading this month?
Are any of these books on your TBR?
Most importantly, do you say “fall” or “autumn”? 🌰

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xx, Lily

59 thoughts on “The Five-Star Readathon // Ft. (Part of) My October TBR & Muse of Nightmares”

    On a slightly less excited note – I say both, depending on the context. But mainly autumn, cause it sounds cooler 😂
    I can’t wait to see how those books go! I’m reading ‘they both die at the end’ by Adam Silvera for my ‘anticipation’ book. I’m… a little disappointed at thee start but it’s getting better! The problem is… I literally just read Wildcard last week… that could’ve been my ‘next book in a series you like’! Grr…
    I hope you enjoy your TBR!
    Rhi xox

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m so excited!! And I say both as well; English not being my first language and all, I use both British and American words/sometimes spellings, and people tend to get confused. 😄

      I didn’t like TBDATE much 😕 – I’m glad it’s improving for you & I hope you come to love it!!

      Thanks so much, I hope you do, too! Which book did you end up picking for the 500+ pages challenge? ☺️


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