O.W.L.s Read-a-thon // Ft. (Part of) My September TBR

To be perfectly candid, I say, in my best imitation of Rosa Diaz … I’m not really a fan of read-a-thons. I don’t like the idea of forcing myself to read a specific amount of books, or a specific type of book in a set time frame, and I don’t enjoy the pressure that comes with it.

(I pressure myself enough already as it is.)

So why join one?

When I saw this Harry Potter related read-a-thon, though, I thought it was high time I gave them a chance, and what better one to pick as my first one, than the one that basically means I get to pronounce myself a witch who has passed her Ordinary Wizarding Levels?


Also, it’s September. The Harry Potter nostalgia is real.

And truthfully, I’m pretty excited, because I picked a lot of books I’ve been meaning to re-read for an eternity (they are marked with a * below), but never got around to, because of “shiny new releases!!”, and “hyped books I’ve been missing out on??”.

I also picked more than one book for a few subjects, because I’m a) channeling my inner Hermione, b) some of the books are part of a series, and c) simply because I want to have choices, should I not be in the mood for a certain book.

If you want to take part in the read-a-thon as well, you still can! Be sure to read your Hogwarts letter beforehand, as it tells you everything you need to know in order to pass your O.W.L.s.


Harry Potter Elder Wand MagicAncient Runes
a book with a symbol on the cover*

Harry Potter Elder Wand MagicArithmancy
a book with a number on the cover/in the title

Harry Potter Elder Wand MagicAstronomy
a science fiction novel

Harry Potter Elder Wand MagicCare of Magical Creatures
a book that includes magical creatures or features a magical creature on the cover

Harry Potter Elder Wand MagicCharms
a fantasy book*

Harry Potter Elder Wand MagicDefense Against the Dark Arts
a book about/featuring secret societies/clubs*

Harry Potter Elder Wand MagicDivination
a book featuring prophecies

Harry Potter Elder Wand MagicHerbology
a book with a nature related word in the title

Harry Potter Elder Wand MagicHistory of Magic
a historical fiction

Harry Potter Elder Wand MagicMagical Studies
a muggle non-fiction book*

Harry Potter Elder Wand MagicPotions
a book about/with alchemy*

Harry Potter Elder Wand MagicTransfiguration
a book that deals with transfiguration/shapeshifting or a book with a cat on the cover*

If any of the books I’ve listed here are on your TBRs, let me know in the comments!!
(Maybe we can buddy read them [even if you’re not joining the read-a-thon]. 💓)blue-watercolor-wash-texture-5letschat!-2Have you ever participated in a read-a-thon?
Which books are on your September TBRs?
Let’s buddy read some books?? 💗

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xx, Lily

114 thoughts on “O.W.L.s Read-a-thon // Ft. (Part of) My September TBR”

  1. I agree about read-a-thons! I’ve done a couple and it does add so much pressure. At least, this is a Harry Potter theme! I have to read Strange the Dreamer this month, for book club. I was going to start it next week. Would you want to buddy read it??

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      1. Lol! Hang in there, you got this!!! 😁😁

        Awesome! How about Monday, the 10th? I’ve only done two buddy reads with bloggers. We just communicated through Goodreads. How do you want to do it?

        Liked by 1 person

          1. Awesome! Okay, I just followed you on Instagram! It looks like there are 67 chapters but they are short. Want to do 14 chapters a day, so we are finished on Friday? Some days it will be about 100 pages and some days a little more. Sound ok?

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  2. Though im not a Harry Potter fan, this one look so cool!! Hopefully you have fun and pass all your « classes » 😘

    It’s been atleast a year since ive participated in a readathon.. which last time helped me with the kick in the butt i needed to finish my book 🙈

    Liked by 1 person

      1. No i’m just a fan, never been able to read it – stopped watching after the fifth movie ahaha there’s just too much for me.

        uuuuh it was one over on Tumblr.. there wasn’t a theme or anything

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  3. All the best for your OWLs!! I’m already lagging behind another readathon I am doing with my friends..so I understand all about the pressure 😀 I’ve read We should all be feminists and Fahrenheit 451 and loved both these books 🙂 I did want to read Six of Crows and Gentleman’s guide- but don’t know if I can do it this month- have too many other books to get on with!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, Prachi! 😊💞

      Ohh, what kind of readathon? 🙂 I love We Should All Be Feminists too, I thought it was high time I re-read it, hehe. And Fahrenheit 451 has been on my TBR for soo long. I’m glad to hear you enjoyed them both!

      As for the other two; both of them are re-reads for me, and I highly recommend them! I hope you love them, when you do find the time for them! ☺️

      Good luck for your readathon, Prachi! ✨🍀

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      1. Thanks lily! Oh just a 4 books in 4 weeks readathon that our book club group is trying out. I just finished my first book and I’m 3 days behind! Hopefully the second one will not take that long😊

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  4. I genuinely don’t have the time to do this but I AM GOING TO MAKE IT (mostly because your post was so pretty and I want to make one) I love all your book choices, and the ones you’ve mentioned that I have read are all amazing ❤

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  5. Best of luck for this readathon, it seems to be such a popular readathon around the blogosphere haha 🙂 I hope you’ll have tons of fun, I’m spotting all the Marie Lu books and YAY! 😀

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  6. I’m with you on Read-a-thons! I already get stressed about reading ARCs on time, so giving myself specific schedules for non-ARC books doesn’t sound like a fun time. THAT SAID, I really love the idea of OWLS and will maybe attempt it next year! 😀 And Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle was one of my favourite manga series as a teen! It gets super intense mid-way through, though I can’t quite remember which volume.

    All the best of luck with the readathon, Lily–I’m sure you’ll ace it! 😊

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    1. ARCs give me so much stress! I’ve been holding back on requesting or accepting them because of that. And I’m really enjoying the readathon so far! You should totally do it next year, if you’re up for it – maybe we can take the N.E.W.T.s together, if I’m too busy for them this year, hehe.

      It’s so cute!! I love Sakura and Syaoran from Card Captor Sakura, so I just had to read Tsubasa as well. Have you read that manga series, too? 🙂

      Thank you so much, Kathy! 💞💞

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  7. This looks so fun! I’ve already set my September TBR (although I think quite a few of my TBR books could count towards an OWL!), so maybe I’ll try for this in October. I feel the same as you about book-a-thons, a lot of time, but this one’s so low-pressure, I can’t see how I’d fail at it, haha 🙂

    Good luck, and I hope you enjoy it!

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  8. Good luck with the OWLs!! I did this readathon by myself too back in June to catch up to the NEWTs that just happened and man I am so bad with month long readathons. I can never plan that far ahead but at least most of these challenges are pretty open. And just the fact that it’s Harry Potter based motivated me so much more.

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      1. Yeah I took it last month! But it was a lot harder to stick to that because there were so many more challenges to do. I actually gave up on it because I wanted to read books not on my TBR but in the end I still managed to somehow fit them into the challenges

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  9. ooh this looks like SUCH a good TBR though! I mean, I do agree with you that making TBRs is hard and I’m a huge mood reader so I don’t usually do it (unless I have pressing ARCs I should’ve read, um, yesterday 😂*laughs at self while looking at ARCs I have majorly failed in reading on time oops) but I really hope you get to read The Gentleman’s Guide (IT IS THE ACTUAL BEST) and Six of Crows particularly!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, same!! I just don’t like having to stick to a specific book, and as for ARCs … it’s better if we don’t mention them, or the reviews we should be writing/should have written a century ago. 😂

      I’m reading The Gentleman’s Guide right now, and I’m so happy I’m enjoying it as much as the first time! And I can’t wait to get to Six of Crows. 💓


  10. Oh this is a lovely post, Lily! I adore your layout and the little wands ❤ ❤
    I'm concerned though, are you planning to read three or two books on certain subjects? :O Or are they just options? I wish you all the best of luck but really, these are a lot of books to read in a month XD
    Anyway, glad to have you on board hon, and I can't wait to share more bookish joy with you soon ^_^

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You’re so sweet, Sophie, thank you so much! ❤ Your comments are always so nice and encouraging, and I always have the biggest smile on my face, when I reply to you. :')

      I didn't "plan" on it, but we'll see if I'm in the mood to read them, haha. I do have other reviews I should write, and books I should read, so probably not? & thanks, I'm going to need it! 🍀

      So happy to be doing this with you, and I LOVE our little readathon group!! 💗

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  11. I love this entire list and this is so cool??? I’m so vicariously excited for your September!!!! skdlfjlsjflksj (+one day v soon I’m going to read Strange the Dreamer, it’s been on my tbr for 6 months *is ashamed*)

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  12. this looks SO fun

    also im ((finally)) planning on reading the rose society this month so when you get to eat, kid me so we can BR please (if you want to)!!!!!!!! id feel so honoured to br your fave with you and we havent br in a while :”)

    also: “To be perfectly candid, I say, in my best imitation of Rosa Diaz” I legit choked at that omg

    Liked by 1 person

    1. YES TAL READ IT PLS 🙏🏻🙏🏻 I really, really, really hope you love it, I’m so nervous and anxious sndfnshjdf; and of course I’d love to br it with you!! I’ll kik you when I figure out my schedule!! ☺️

      OMG THAT SCENE!! Are you picturing it in your head, too. 😭💕💕

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