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Bookish Musings & Discussion Time // I … Hate Books?

Hi, guys!! I hope you’re all having a great weekend! 💫

Today, I’m here with an issue that has cost me many sleepless nights in the past, and still does—mostly figuratively speaking, of course (I may have a fondness for hyperboles)—but also literally*.

*Yes, I sometimes spend the time during which I unsuccessfully try to fall asleep thinking about my book ratings, and go on to compare books (which I gave the same ratings) in my mind—a thought process that can sometimes spiral into me finding myself on the path of a slow descent into madness.

Frustrated, Facepalm GIF // Fresh Off the Boat

But I digress.

The issue I want to address are book ratings—more specifically, how mine seem to suggest that I hate books*.

(*Hyperboles, remember.)

I think every one of us has been in a position in which we doubt ourselves as to our judgement, rating, and opinion of a book. At least, I hope that I’m not the only one who has.

Sometimes, because we think we’re being too critical, and sometimes, because we think we’re not being critical enough. Though, granted, the latter scenario is hardly ever a source of affliction for mea fact that will make perfect sense to you, if you know my average rating of books.

Most of the time, because we seem to be in a minority with our opinion, but also, because we love reading other book bloggers’ and reviewers’ posts about books, and they can at times make us re-think our stance on them. (Again, I hope this doesn’t only happen to me.)


As I’ve established, I mostly find myself in the first situation—the one, in which I ask myself “am I, maybe, … too critical?”—and especially these past few days, I’ve been second-guessing myself more and more, because I’ve been reading a lot of books that pretty much all of my friends, and the majority of readers, have loved, and gushed about.

Let me present to you the latest one; They Both Die at the End, written by Adam Silvera.

They Both Die at the End by Adam Silvera

Even before I started reading this book, I couldn’t help but notice the many four- and five-star ratings, and proclamations such as “this is the best book I’ve ever read”, and “this is a masterpiece” (I’m only slightly paraphrasing here), and an average ratingas of todayof 4.15 on Goodreads, with a total of 25,596 ratings. That’s extremely high, in case I haven’t stressed this point enough.

And, once again, I didn’t love it. Like so many other universally well-loved books before it.

Far from it, actually.

Which can mean only two things:

1. ) I simply hate books, or
2.) I’m a very critical reader.

Personally, I identify much more with the latter assertion, because obviously, I love books. I mean, I created a blog dedicated to books! (And if you still don’t believe me, here are some books that I love with my entire heart and soul:)


“Then why do you mostly give out two star ratings, and always seem to find something to criticize about the books you read?” I can hear you collectively scream at me (in the most loving way, of course).

To be honest, I don’t have a satisfying answer to that question. [Cues the soundtrack of me singing “I will never be satisfied” in my most Angelica-like voice. 🎶]

What I do know, however, is that my book ratings don’t have anything to do with whether or not I love books. I may enjoy, or even love, fewer books compared to the average reader, but that doesn’t change the fact that I love reading—and that I most definitely do not hate books.

[Insert GIF of me letting out a sigh of relief.]
(As opposed to one in which I let out a breath I didn’t realize I had been holding … 😉)blue-watercolor-wash-texture-5Let's Discuss! // Discussion Post @ Sprinkles of Dreams

Do you ever doubt your judgement of books?

Are you usually in the minority or the majority, when it comes to bookish opinions?

Do you ever feel like you’re too critical, or not critical enough?

[Please tell me that I’m not alone in my exasperation, when it comes to rating books??]
(Do any of you wish Goodreads would introduce ½ ratings as well?)

xx, Lily

123 thoughts on “Bookish Musings & Discussion Time // I … Hate Books?

  1. Ohh, this is so thought-provoking, Lily! I think at the end of the day it just comes down to personal taste- just because you don’t like a book others did doesn’t mean you’re necessarily more critical of a reader (though it might, it just depends on the person). There will be books you love that those same people dislike! 🙂

    Also, I loved the Hamilton reference, it made me smile, hehe. Great post!💓

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    1. Thanks, Olivia! That’s such a great compliment! 💗

      Honestly, my brain just naturally picks up on things to criticize, so … but there are definitely books I love that others don’t (and I love them, while still acknowledging that they’re not perfect), so I think being very critical doesn’t hinder me from enjoying books. 🙂

      I knew you’d catch the reference (as always). :’)

      Thank you so much for your kind words!! 😊💓

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  2. I like the title of this post sounds like a book title.

    * My most given rating is 4 stars due to 2 facts: I try to pick up books very carefully and because when I started reading I felt like most books were good and fell into this rating.

    * I am giving more 2 and 3 stars now, I re-rated some books because after reading more and more, I realized that I didn’t like them as much as I thought I had before. And because I read more new releases now and don’t read books I am sure I will like!

    * I sometimes doubt my judges, yes! Carry on is a book that I can not even look at and everyone seems to like it that it drives me crazy. I am usually in the majority and I know what other readers will like and won’t , I predicted the falling of “An enchantment of ravens” and “War storm” ratings as soon as they were released!

    * I sometimes feel like I am too nice but I am trying to be as honest as possible now. And 1/2 stars ratings are everyone’s dreams but won’t happen anytime soon. Sorry for the huge comment!

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    1. Haha, thanks, Hamad! 💙

      *I’m always trying to read more diversely, so I do branch out when it comes to genres, but I also research the books I decide on reading, and pick books that interest me and that I think I’ll enjoy.

      *I don’t ever re-rate books, except for if I re-read them. I mean, that’s how I felt about that particular book when I read it back when, so … Also, my average rating would look horrible, if I did, haha.

      *Ohh nice, maybe you could predict my feelings towards certain books, before I read them, that’d help me out a lot. 😉

      *I know, I’ve seen Goodreads’ opinion on half-star ratings, big sighhh. And no, don’t apologize! I loved reading your opinion on this, and this is a discussion post, after all. 🙂

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      1. you’re welcome 😀

        * That sounds logical.
        * I re-rate them because the meaning of the star rating is different in my mind now and not because I enjoyed them less (although some of them I enjoyed less and I realize that after a while and I used to be scared of giving books a lower score rating but now I am not), for example, 4 stars was an average good book for me but now 4 is a very good book and 5 is a perfect book while the good/ average is 3 books.
        * I predict the general opinion toward a book but can not predict emotions 😦
        * GR updates suck and they don’t listen to our needs.

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  3. Really enjoyed this post! I think I’m the opposite, sometimes if a book is super hyped and I find that I’m enjoying it, but not loving it, I’ll give a book a four star rating, rather than probably the three that I should. I’m definitely usually in the majority with my book opinions, and sometimes, I’m probably not as critical as I should be! I feel like this post will make me lose sleep now as its really got me thinking haha

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    1. I’m so glad to hear that!! 🙂

      I definitely get swayed to rate books higher as well, and round up my ratings (sometimes unconsciously) when it comes to really hyped books – except for when I feel really strongly about my rating.

      Oh no, I hope you don’t!! I’m so happy that this post managed to be thought-provoking, but please don’t lose sleep over it (like I do). 🙈

      Thanks for your comment, I loved hearing your point of view on this topic! 💗

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  4. I’m the opposite of you, haha! I always doubt my judgement of books because I feel like I’m not critical enough; I tend to give out mostly four- and five-star ratings. 😂 I hate giving out low ratings (unless the book is really problematic) so I tend to “round up” instead of down, if that makes sense.

    Seeing other people’s opinions and reviews on a book has definitely changed my rating countless times; I think I’m too easily swayed by other people, tbh. 😂🙈 (Which is probably why I’m usually in the majority when it comes to ratings.) And I definitely wish that Goodreads would introduce half-star ratings; it would help so much during the times I’m stuck between a three- or four-star rating. (Which is often.) 😩

    Ahhh I hope this comment made some sense, haha, sorry that it was all over the place. This was a great and thought-provoking post, as always. And I hope you’re having a wonderful weekend as well, Lily! 💗

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    1. I hate giving out low ratings as well! But my mind tends to always find aspects to criticize, and then I’d feel insincere giving a book a higher rating than I personally feel it “deserves”, judging by my feelings towards it.

      And I’m majorly influenced by other people’s opinions, too! Mostly, when I don’t have strong feelings towards a book. But I think that, in the end, I do stick to my original rating, except if I read really convincing reviews, or if a review points out problematic content I didn’t notice myself.

      Thanks for such a thoughtful comment, it made perfect sense! ☺️

      Happy reading & enjoy the rest of your weekend, Dezzy! 💖🌷

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  5. nice discussion I love you and your critical reading self even though it makes me sad that you don’t love my favs

    also big mood in like February and March and April I wasn’t having too many high rated books and then whenever I rate a book highly I’m like ?? is everything all right with me??? I gotta rate some books lower!! which is stupid because I should just let myself enjoy the books I enjoy and hate the books I hate and not have a crisis over whether or not it’s “accurate” or whatever

    (anyways good post you can tell I’ve thought about this kind of thing a lot djskfhdkfjdj)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Love you too, you little nag. ❤ And I love Six of Crows, so we’re good!!

      I’m looking forward to the day that’ll happen to me … though I 100% agree that we shouldn’t have crises over wondering whether we’re being too critical, or not critical enough. I hope that one day we’ll both be able to read and rate books without feeling the pressure of either.

      (Thank youuu 💖 & I totally can.)


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