My All Time Favorite Books // Top Five

My All Time Favorite Books // Top Five

If you’re like me, finding an answer to the question “What’s your favorite book?” pretty much feels like trying to multiply 183 by 9384 in your head – honestly, how are people able to choose just one? Like, please narrow it down to a specific genre, at least?? (Though, to be fair, I’ll probably divide that genre into another ten sub-genres, because, well, there are just too many books that deserve a mention.)

However, before I digress, here are five of my favorite books that I absolutely adore, and which I picked out with the intention of being inclusive of most of, if not all, the genres I enjoy – in no particular order (… or so it would seem). Also, book series count as one book, right?

mix111. The Harry Potter Series
by J.K. Rowling


There are books you love, because in addition to the stories they tell, they are also tiny time capsules that take you back to special moments and memories in your life – and the Harry Potter series is exactly that. Maybe that’s very cliché of me to say, but it’s one of those book series that will have its special place in my heart for my whole life, probably.

mix112. Emma
by Jane Austen


Emma is much less popular than Jane Austen’s Pride & Prejudice, but while I haven’t read the latter yet, I absolutely loved the former. Jane Austen’s writing is simply marvelous, and the story unfolds so wonderfully, with an unexpected plot twist unraveling along the way that provides much amusement. I originally read this book for a school assignment, but I immediately re-read Emma right after finishing it for the first time – that’s how much I loved it. Even the protagonist – 10 points to whichever Hogwarts House you belong to, if you guessed her name right! – managed to endear herself to me, despite being introduced as a spoiled and entitled rich girl (which she unquestionably is), and I was more than entertained by her schemes and attempts at matchmaking.

mix113. Fall for Anything
by Courtney Summers

Fall for Anything by Courtney Summers

I’m not even embarrassed to admit that Fall for Anything is one of the few books that I can count on one hand, for which I stayed up until about two in the morning to finish reading, and ended up crying over multiple times. Which really says it all, because I very, very rarely cry – I … tear up, mostly. Fall for Anything tells a very beautiful, and very heart-wrenching story that took me completely by surprise, and I’m so grateful to have stumbled upon this book. It’s definitely one of the first titles that come to my mind, when someone asks me for book recommendations and I want to make them cry.

mix114. The Young Elites Series
by Marie Lu

The Young Elites by Marie Lu

I have yet to review this series in its entirety, because it’s so unbelievably hard to find the right words to do these books justice. Next to an immensely well-crafted female protagonist, who is also a morally ambiguous anti-heroine, an amazing, and unique plot – something that is so rare nowadays –, and wonderfully diverse, lovable, and complex characters, this series just blows every other dystopian or fantasy young adult book (series) I have ever (!!!) read out of the water.

mix115. Der gelbe Vogel* (Alan & Naomi)
by Myron Levoy

Der gelbe Vogel / Alan & Naomi by Myron Levoy

Not one single friend of mine in real life or on Goodreads has read this book, or has it on their shelves, and I’m so sad about that, because it’s honestly one of the best ones I’ve ever read as a child, but as you can see, it’s still a favorite of mineDer Gelbe Vogel still haunts me to this day, and I can’t help but become nostalgic, when I talk about it – even more so, when I recall how it has one of my favorite portrayals of friendship I have ever encountered. This book shaped my childhood and early teenage years in such a monumental way, and my heart honestly still hurts when I think about it.

*I’m listing the German title, because I read this book in German – I didn’t know English at that point in my life yet. :’)

blue-watercolor-wash-texture-5let's chat!Have you read any of these books, and did you enjoy them?
What are your favorite books?
Do you have childhood favorites that you still love to this day?

xx, Lily


79 thoughts on “My All Time Favorite Books // Top Five”

  1. Harry Potter will definitely always have a place in my heart too. I came to it a little bit later than a lot of people, but still early enough that it shaped my later childhood, and it will always be a favourite of mine.

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  2. YAAAY! Welcome on the blogosphere, Lily! Your blog already looks so beautiful *heart eyes*
    I love your first post, Harry Potter is a great book series, I haven’t read Emma yet, I did read Pride and Prejudice however and absolutely loved it, perhaps I will get to read Emma soon as well! ❤
    The Young Elites sounds soooo good, I've heard only great things about it, so happy to see it on your list!
    Lovely post! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ahhh thank you, Marta!! That means a lot!! ☺️❤️

      YES, Potterheads unite!! And I highly, highly recommend Emma, I really think you’d love it, seeing as you already loved Pride and Prejudice (which I’m planning on reading very soon!).

      Please make sure to let me know when you get around to reading The Young Elites, because that series honestly has my heart & it makes me so happy to see people reading it!!

      Thank you so much 💞💞

      Liked by 1 person

  3. “Even the protagonist – 10 points to whichever Hogwarts House you belong to, if you guessed her name right!” OMG STOP BEING SO WITTY

    and lol @ the fact that you didn’t know English and now you speak it better than me oops


    Liked by 1 person

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